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Delaware Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment

Projects & Reports

This document will be used by the Delaware Sea Level Rise Advisory Committee and other stakeholders to guide development of sea level rise adaptation strategies.

Delaware Sea-Level Rise Initiative Project Compendium 2011

Projects & Reports

The purpose of the Sea Level Rise Initiative Compendium of Projects is to provide an at-a-glance inventory of the projects and initiatives are being conducted as part of the Delaware Coastal Programs’ Sea Level Rise Initiative. It is intended to help i …

A Data GAP Analysis and Inland Inundation Survey for the Delaware Coastline:Final Report and Recommendations

Projects & Reports

The GAP Analysis defines the present state of coastal data collection efforts across the state, suggests an “optimum” data collection network for coastal flood monitoring and research, identifies “gaps” in the present network of stations and recommends data that need to be added to the current network configuration.

Delaware: The Likelihood of Shore Protection along the Atlantic Coast of the United States. Volume 1: Mid-Atlantic

Projects & Reports

This report to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency describes the development of maps that distinguish shores that are likely to be protected from the sea from those areas that are likely to be submerged, assuming current coastal policies, developm …

Application of the Sea Level Rise Affecting Marsh Model (SLAMM) Using High Resolution Data At Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Projects & Reports

The results of the SLAMM modeled scenarios for Prime Hook, and an explanation of the deviations from a similar modeling effort done for the region by the National Wildlife Federation.