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Tools & Applications > Delaware High Water Mark Database

Last update: June 20, 2018

High water marks (HWM), typically observed as water stains on buldings, debris lines on the beach, and as storm tides captured from automated sensors, are arguably the best method for capturing the maximum depth and extent of a flood for a large area.

This web site serves as a discovery tool for quickly accessing historically recorded high water marks from significant flooding events within Delaware. It collects, manages, and displays high water marks (HWMs) that are observed throughout Delaware as a result of flooding events. Historical peak water levels can be extracted for past storms or for a selected geographic area.

Resource Contact(s)

Delaware Environmental Observing System (DEOS) Contact Information

Phone: 302-831-6906

Center for Environmental Monitoring & Analysis (CEMA) Contact Information

Phone: 302-831-2294

Delaware Environmental Monitoring & Analysis Center (DEMAC) Contact Information

Contact Name: Tina Callahan
Phone: 302-831-6581

Delaware Geological Survey Contact Information

Phone: 302-831-2833